BOLTCALC assists
you in solving
bolting problems!

The critical weakness in many products is the region of joints that exist in the design, bolted joints in particular can be a source of concern. It was with this concern in mind that the BOLTCALC program has been devised.

Details about BOLTCALC

Bolted Joint
Analysis Software.

BOLTCALC is a Windows program designed for ease of use and assists the engineer by automatically entering any standard information such as thread pitch and bolt dimensions as soon as the bolt diameter has been entered.

Details about BOLTCALC

Solutions to a range of bolting issues

BOLTCALC will assist in solving bolt/nut loosening problems, insufficient bolt preload, bolt overload, fatigue, thread stripping and other threaded fastener related problems.

Details about BOLTCALC

Innovative software for the solution
of bolting and fastener problems!

BOLTCALC solves bolting problems

Image 1

Determination of the bolt preload.

The preload is the tension in the
bolt created when it is tightened.
The preload is crucial for the joint's
structural integrity. BOLTCALC can
determine the bolt preload.

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Uses Microsoft Windows

BOLTCALC is a specialised computer
program for use under Microsoft
Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10).

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Assists in the
solution of fatigue problems

Fatigue is a common cause of failure in many products, including bolts. The program will establish the likelyhood of bolt fatigue occurring.

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Assists in solving nut and bolt loosening issues

Bolts and nuts coming unintentionally loose is a significant problem. BOLTCALC can assist in solving such problems.

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Image 3

Assists in solving bolt tightening problems

Determining the correct torque value to be applied to a bolt/nut can be a problem. The program can assist you in establishing the appropriate torque value.

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About Us

BOLTCALC is produced and marketed by Bolt Science, a world leading consultancy on the technical aspects of bolting. The program is used by many major organisations across the world.

Bolt Science is in the business is solving bolting problems. Bolt Science completes consultancy assignments, provide test services, and runs training courses for engineers besides the development of the BOLTCALC program. Bolt Science was founded in 1992 with the intention of becoming the recognised worldwide quality provider of independent technical expertise in bolted joint technology. Our clients include many of the major engineering organizations of the world.

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